The trend of wearing matching wedding bands and jewelry is fast catching up with cosmopolitan generation. They feel flaunting matching jewelry is a style statement in which one subtly complements the other and more so declare their love for their loved one. Here we are enlisting an intriguing account of different wedding sets for the most sought after couples.

Whenever zeroing on a matching jewelry set, the trick is to match both their personalities in the subtlest way.

The Executive Couple: For the white collared executive couples who are impeccably dressed in their professional avatar throughout the day, we suggest engagement and wedding bands that are perfect epitome of romance: A Sleek Diamond Solitaire Wedding Bands.

The Lovebirds: For the couples who know each other inside out and have been with each other for a very long time, we suggest matching wedding bands that are engraved with split heart encrusted with diamonds. It is a timeless piece of jewelry that looks equally amazing when set in yellow gold or charcoal metal than it looks in white gold or platinum.

Contour Bands

Contour Bands

The Oh-so-cute couple: The couple that sets out in style in matching the color and announces their love for each other, their ‘hap’ style should reflect in their rings as well. We suggest matching rings where they can inlay their fingerprints and personalize it with an engraved message on it. The rings can be in rose gold with fingerprint inlaid in platinum or other metal of the couple’s choice.

Artistic inclination couple: Couples who are big time inspired by the beauty of nature, diamond entailed eternity wedding bands are just for them. Because of their artistic inclination, they are bold in breaking the traditional mold of a wedding band. Also, usage of alternative precious gemstones in the wedding band will give them a customized look.

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