If you are putting together your diamond wedding ring from scratch, you might need some direction. After all, while selecting the band and the gemstone or diamond separately allows for more customization in the overall piece, but it can also be trickier work. When it comes to choosing a loose diamond for a wedding ring, there are several things that you should look out for in order to make an informed decision. After all, when you are making a purchase this important, weighing all of your options is vital in ensuring you have made the right decision – both for you and your partner.

The benefits of buying the diamond loose is clear – professional jewelers can more accurately assess the quality according to the 4 C’s of diamonds. Color, cut, clarity and carat weight are more accurately measured when the jewel can be examined from various angles. Once it has been set in a piece of jewelry, your options for assessment are more limited and can actually end up being less accurate. Additionally, because you are only paying for the diamond itself and not the design on the ring band or the metal it is made out of, it can also stand to be much, much cheaper when you are purchasing this way.

diamond wedding band

Diamond Wedding Band

The options for customization are hugely expanded when you choose to purchase certified loose diamonds as well. When it comes to finding the perfect ring to symbolize your union, a premade or generic ring just might not be right for you and your partner. It is because of this that many people turn to buying loose diamonds in the first place. This idea that you have invested more direct attention in the process is not only wonderfully thoughtful, but it enhances the experience of sharing your engagement or wedding rings. Knowing that nothing exists out there quite like the piece you have had a hand in, well, handcrafting? That’s an incomparable pride, and that extra effort on the creative side can really make a huge difference even years down the road, when you are still able to appreciate the beauty, elegance and creative energy of your wedding bands.

Contour Wedding Band

Contour Wedding Band

Buying loose diamonds is not something that most of us have an overabundance of experience in, but that’s okay. Some preliminary research on different ring styles can help point you in the direction of the overall design you are looking to construct, and experienced professional jewelers should be able to help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for an answer your questions. Take advantage of all of your available resources and you will be able to tell when you are staring at the perfect choice for your ring. Knowledge is the ultimate way to dispel any sense of confusion or discomfort you might have with the concept of buying loose diamonds, so arm yourself with research and get to the fun part – shopping! If you do your homework, you should be able to find exactly what it is you are looking for in no time at all. Shopping loose does not have to be inherently more time consuming than buying a premade ring, after all. Good luck on your journey!