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Jewelry Hallmarks – What and Why?

Ever wonder what the markings on your jewelry tell? What secrets are they spilling? Whose history lies hidden in those strange figures? Perhaps, not that far. But what exactly are those markings and do you know all you need to know about them?

Master Gemologist James Greene has the answer. Read on

What Are Jewelry Hallmarks?

The jewelry hallmark is what describes the item’s metal content as well as the quality thereof. If you happen to own a piece of precious jewelry, your accessory should have a jewelry hallmark on it. It is usually found on gold, platinum or silver jewelry pieces and will detail the karat content of the metal. Some jewelry hallmarks will also show the maker’s mark or country of origin on the item. To sum it up, the jewelry hallmark is the identifying mark on the piece of jewelry which details the quality of the item and often cites where it came from. 

Why Are Jewelry Hallmarks Important?

Jewelry hallmarks are important in the jewelry world for a few different reasons. First, they signify what the item is made of which helps the wearer to determine the metal content of the jewelry piece that they have on. It is important to note that although hallmarks are used to identify the metal content, this does not in and of itself dictate the true authenticity of the item. Jewelry hallmarks can be easily duplicated and the jewelry item can be sold as something other than what it really is. With that said, it does provide a way for the purchaser of an item to look at a gold necklace or bracelet on sale at a jewelry store, turn the item over and determine what the metal content supposedly is, simply by looking at it.

Another reason for having jewelry hallmarks on rings, necklaces, bracelets and other beautiful jewelry pieces is to show the maker’s mark on the item. If you decide that you want to buy a ring designed by a specific jewelry designer, you will most likely want the item to have the jewelry hallmark on it which shows the maker’s mark as well. Not every piece will have a maker’s mark, or even a hallmark for that matter, but many items do which provides the buyer with some shred of evidence to go by when trying to purchase a specific item.

Hallmarks are a way for the jewelry owner to determine the period in which they were crafted. There are a few different ways to determine the time period factor and the hallmark is one such way. If you are searching for a jewelry item from a certain time period, a jewelry hallmark which shows such information is probably very important to you.

The United States does not have nor does it require a hallmark system of any kind as do most countries. Jewelry can be manufactured in the US and legally sold without a hallmark, trademark, or quality stamp of any kind. However, if a piece of jewelry has a karat stamp (14k 18k Platinum) then it must have a trademark, as is required by law. Therefore, if you have a piece of jewelry with no markings at all the only way to find out for sure is to have it tested by someone who has the knowledge and equipment to do so.

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Jewelry Trends For The Summer

Summer is coming up – beaches, bikinis and bathing suits! This is the time to either tone your jewelry braggadocio down by a few notches or amp it up, depending on your personal style and collection.

Image – Pinterest

But what are the latest summer trends that you need to know? Check out this article by InStyle for more insight:

The Season’s Must-Have Jewelry Trends

After seasons of larger-than-life statement baubles, stars are downsizing for summer, with pretty rose gold things, layers of thin rings, and skinny cuffs. Though tiny in size, these accessories make just as much of an impact. See full post here

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Four days from today, on February 28, the eyes of the world will be glued to one event – the Oscars. Millions of people from more than 200 countries will witness the grand exposition of talent and, more importantly for us, fashion! The Academy Award ceremonies are engorged with trivia and minutiae over the dresses and accessories celebrities wear to the red carpet, and we can’t have enough of it! The Oscars also provide an occasion for designers to showcase the best of their work to a global audience.

If the past is anything to go by, the fashion statements of the Oscars leave a lasting impact and shape future trends. Let’s take a look at last year’s most impressive statements in this article by Natalie on Jewels du Jour:

OSCARS JEWELRY RECAP – ACADEMY AWARDS 2015 The 87th Academy Awards sparkled with [borrowed] diamonds galore this past Sunday as Hollywood’s leading ladies strutted the red carpet. Not even a bit of afternoon rain could dull the glittery affair that is the Oscars. As expected, the major jewelry houses swathed actresses and performers alike in their most opulent creations for all the viewing public to see. From fantastic to faux pas, here are my thoughts on the jewelry at this year’s Oscars. See full post here:

Now that you’re updated on last year’s trends, you should be ready for the upcoming event (from the fashion standpoint at least). Don’t forget to tell us what you expect to see this year in the comments. Hope you enjoy the Oscars!

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Tips For Buying Jewelry Online

Consumers have more options than ever when it comes to buying jewelry. The jewelry market is one of the most complex markets in the world with hundreds of types of jewelry from rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and the list go on. In addition to jewelry retailers, you can shop for your computer, tablet or smartphone. Online shopping offers the buyer the possibility to choose without going from store to store and get the perfect jewelry. To be sure you are making a wise purchase, follow these guidelines.

In the following article by Susan Rose, She explains few additional tips for shopping online that will help you click the “Buy Now” button with confidence.

Buying Jewelry from an Online Store Contrary to the prevalent belief, buying jewelry from an online store is indeed extremely easy. An e-commerce website allows you to compare different jewelry items you like and opt for your favorite one with great ease and speed. Buying immediately is possible and the process is as simple as grabbing a can from the refrigerator.

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These tips will give you a fair idea how to buy Jewelry online free of scams and frauds.

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Top 3 Tips For Keeping Your Jewelry Safe At Home

Our family-owned and operated retail business offers the complete line of fine jewelry, as well as excellent gift items, including repair services, insurance options for your precious jewelery, and even estate appraisals. We have been in the business for more than three decades and we have familiarized ourselves with all of the aspects of running a successful jewelry business. We can therefore provide you with the highest level of expertise as well as custom service for your individual needs. Your only regret will be that of not knowing about us sooner – as it would have saved you from a lot of gift-making and jewelry repair headache.

If you already have a nice collection of jewelry which you plan to enrich with a few fresh purchases from us, here is what you need to do to keep in safe 24/7 inside your home.

Home Burglaries Are Frightfully Common

According to official FBI data, there is a burglary taking place every 13 seconds. That's close to 277 burglaries an hour! And an even more disturbing fact as it results from the same statistics is that we tend to let the burglar walk right into our homes using the front door – left open, unlocked, or protected by a cheap lock. Not only are we putting our own lives or physical integrity at risk, but also our valuables.

People we know personally such as gardeners, home renovators, pool maintenance personnel, nannies, or kids' friends could all be allured by sparkling, expensive jewelry, especially when the 'temptations' are left in plain sight for easy snatching.

Burglars lurking around even the most quiet and safe of neighborhoods are also prone to try their luck with your property and see if they can gain easy and quick access and steal small valuables they can sell for fast cash.

Homes with poor quality front doors, improper locks and zero burglar alarms are more prone to be visited by criminals interested in stealing jewelry and other easy-to-grab items they can run away with on the front door or a window.

Tip #1: Do Not Leave Your Home Key For Anyone

You might be tempted to leave a key with the repairmen or painters who can drop by when you are at work and the house is empty and resume their work. While this might save you a lot of time and help you finish your repairs faster, it is best to be patient and reschedule or have a reliable friend or family member home sit during the appointment. Never leave spare keys under the front door mattress or flower pots on the porch. If you need more spare keys done, do a search for an Authorized locksmith near me and have a technician drop by your house at your desired time and cut as many extra keys as you need. Consider having master keys done for quicker access to all areas of the house, especially if you have a very spacious dwelling with lots of interior doors. Having one keys that locks them all will make security matters a lot simpler.

Tip #2: Use Locked Jewelry Boxes And Safes

Decide upon a safe, locked room around your home and use it to store your jewelry on a permanent basis. Use electronic lock safes or have electronic padlocks added for extra safety. Talk to a professional locksmith like the Authorized Locksmiths team and have them recommend the best lock options. Keep your safes as far away from curious eyes of visitors as possible.

Tip #3: Reinforce Your Front Door

Replace poor quality doors with sturdy metal or hardwood doors; add grade-1 deadbolt locks and secure the perimeter with alarms and surveillance cameras on display.

Diamonds – An Investment Opportunity

Gold, precious stones and above all diamonds have always been at the center of investors’ attentions since ever. Actually, trading diamonds and other precious stones has always been a profitable activity and today this activity can be run through the financial markets that are related to the diamond industry.

In certain areas of the world, it seems that this industry is more developed than in others. A possible reason might be explained by means of the fact that diamonds are considered a form of investment.

Requirements To Invest In Diamonds

Not all first-experience investors can jump into the industry of diamonds without to meet the necessary requirements, specific features that will help you going on in the diamond industry.

First off, your investment in the diamond industry must be transparent as to price, it must offer you the chance to resell liquidity, it must be accessible from the market’s point of view, it must have a quality certification and, finally, you should hire an expert professional to guide you through your first investment experience. This will avoid you to make mistakes and lose money.

At Washington Capital Group Inc in New Delhi, India, you can find expert professional traders and financial advisors who can help you orient your attention towards the most profitable chances in the diamond industry.

Investing With Washington Capital Group

For beginners there’s nothing more complicated than facing the global financial markets all alone. You should always consider to request a financial advisory so you can see in a clear way the potential opportunities for your investment in the diamond industry.

Moreover, at Washington Capital Group Inc you can also get extra benefits from the monthly market report issued by the expert market analysts of the firm.

Read also in order to have a better and more complete insight about the firm of Washington Capital Group Inc and its business system.

Types Of Investment At Washington Capital Group Inc

Washington Capital Group Inc offers interesting opportunities to all investors who will decide to become clients. Actually, most clients of Washington Capital Group Inc are individuals who are looking for a financial growth, so to assure their family a wealthy future. Another part of clients is made of professionals and company’s owner who need to boost their business budget and so on.

Normally, most investments at Washington Capital Group Inc are run in the shape of long-term investments, since this category of investment is clearly more profitable for both parties, clients and Washington Capital Group Inc.

An often requested type of account at Washington Capital Group Inc is the brokerage account. This particular account offers several benefits, including a larger freedom for clients to decide more of their own investment plan, customizable investment options and other internal characteristics.  

How To See If The Broker Is The Perfect “Man” For You

At Washington Capital Group Inc you can find available and kind employees, but not all of them might be “your” ideal broker. In fact, every single client should find their own ideal broker selecting from the team of Washington Capital Group Inc.

First off, ask your broker many questions about the investment and the opportunities it offers, so you will know if that broker has your interests in mind or not. Keep in mind that at Washington Capital Group Inc you will surely find “your” broker.

Buy luxurious diamond jewelry from your casino winning amount

There are large numbers of jewelry shops from where you can buy expensive jewelry. You can choose from available exclusive variety of gold and diamond jewelry available there, you can choose any of them according to your budget and choice. You can also check their latest collection and details of all kind of jewelry available by just simply visiting their respective site. One of the famous diamond organizations from where you can purchase diamonds from your casino winning amount is diamondshop. You will be provided with detailed information about their services provided. If you are planning to invest in jewelry then before you invest and visit that particular shop for buying it is important that you must check that jewelry organization reviews, services as well as price rate and quality of products they offer. As you are going to invest a large amount so, it is essential to make sure all aspects for your safety. Another famous organization from where you can purchase diamonds from your casino winning amount is bluenile.

Powerball online result service and different diamond jewelry stores

By using powerball, you will be able to easily purchase powerball ticket; you can play it and can also check online results conveniently. It is one of the best online casino service providers known for its quality of services offered to its users.  By making use of powerball, you will also be able to check all latest Powerball draw. It is essential to keep in mind that powerball draws will take place on Saturday and Wednesday at 10:59 pm according to Eastern Time. There are some of the most frequently powerball drawn numbers which will help players for playing and winning. These frequently drawn draw numbers are from 877 draw number to 1028 draw number. You will have to check the check the powerball draw numbers with your numbers. 19 with frequency of 23 times, 23 with frequency of 23 times, 34 number with frequency of 27 times, 29 with frequency of 27 times, 32 with frequency of occurrence is 32 times, 26 with frequency of 33 times, 4 with frequency of 30 times, 20 number with frequency of 26 times, 24 number with frequency of 26 times, and 5 number with frequency of occurrence while draw is 26 times.

Different advantages of using powerball services By making use of this statistics of number, there is increase chance of users to win powerball lottery game. All lottery details available on this particular site are accurate and uploaded after properly verifying. It ensures 100 percent safe and correct information to their users. By making use of powerball lottery service, users can easily check all tips, blogs, results, number generator, how to play and many other facilities offered by powerball to their customers. If you are one of the online lottery player looking for online lottery results then by just simply visiting powerball site you will be able to check all details which you want to check about result.  You will be provided with all information about results, prize information and numbers by just simply visiting powerball online site. You should always have an alternate option for checking result of your online casino game. It’s not been a long time when powerball was launched but still there are large numbers of users of powerball just because the quality of services it offers to their users.

A Jeweled Web

The world's handicraft treasures are being freed from distances and time zones by the Web, which is like the first round-the-clock global marketplace, as well as so many other things. People's enjoyment of all of the Internet's resources goes hand in hand with online shopping and mobile gaming — two of the most popular things that users are doing online. Since everything is well interrelated on the Web (which is literally all linked together, like a meshwork necklace) gaming and commerce both drive its overall evolution as much as other kinds of content or applications.


The Jewelry Metaphor


For those who love ethnic jewelry it is a better metaphor for using the Web than 'surfing' or driving a superhighway or a mere fabric, which are the leading images the world has used for the Internet.


Every person uses their own private Web, it might be said, because the Web is so flexible and customizable. Those who love to hunt handmade jewelry and crafts of all kinds on sites like Ebay and Etsy find the conditions perfect, tilted toward the consumer.


One of the best things about discovering amazing new and old jewelry online is the power we have to sort and preview so many items. We can do this much quicker online than by foot in packed market lanes where dealers often have shops. Skilled treasure hunters use their online tools, especially the mobile Web, and treat the whole affair like an enjoyable game.


Why the Web Works


The main reason we have come to rely upon the Web for pursuing hobbies, or passions like ethnic jewelry (which has infinite interest, and is bound to continue turning up buried treasures), is the powers to filter content that the online environment gives us. The other main reason is simply the Web's vastness and diversity, with so many contributors worldwide.


Countries like India and others in the East are all parts of ancient trade routes linked with the West. When these trading networks were solely land-based, they were vulnerable to all sorts of market conditions, political barriers, weather factors and so forth. Now, the Web like a virtual Silk Road (Highway?) expands that trading route while removing the previous barriers to speedy commerce.


The Web really is like a global treasure chest — and better yet, it is not filled with static items but rather with dynamic experiences. For some, playing new online casinos 2015 has seen launched comes in really handy during trips or leisure; for others hunting rare and handicraft jewelry is a serious pastime. Fortunately, the Web handles all of our interests and helps us follow them with zest!

Casino Winner Buys Incredibly Expensive Jewelry After Jackpot

It might sound like the latest breaking news most people talk about in places like Las Vegas or Reno… well, normally, when someone win big at a casino, the news goes through the streets from people to people.

It’s not so hard to imagine that this new casino winner probably wanted to celebrate his great day by buying himself a unique gift: he went to a local jewelry and had a look at what they had inside, then he proudly said the employees there that he was going to buy everything!

This meant for him to buy diamonds of all sizes and types, emeralds, golden bracelets and watches of high-level brands. It cost him a large sum of money, but yeah, he was a new millionaire casino winner and he could afford to make such a crazy experience for once in life!

Is It Easier To Win At Online Or Land-Based Casino?

Probably, at this point, this is a question many of you are wondering… the truth is that you might have same odds to win a casino prize both if you play in an online Ladbrokes Casino or in a land-based casino.

The secret is to find a reliable and 100% regulated casino environment where to play casino games. For sure, Ladbrokes offer a superb casino, fully regulated and licensed, whose games have been strictly tested and verified by international gambling authorities, the transaction system is also 100% protected by the SSL security system, which assures gamblers a safe experience.

Ladbrokes Conference : Learn More About Ladbrokes Casino

Normally, Ladbrokes takes much care about informing its team members outside the UK as well as its customers. Thousands of people to keep informed might seem a hard task, not for Ladbrokes which uses periodic conferences for all its followers.

The latest casino affiliate news concerns exactly one of the several Ladbrokes conferences which took place in Berlin, Germany, from 20 to 23 October 2016.

Conferences are for affiliates a cool and practical way to meet the team in person and to keep updates about the latest projects, casino offers and opportunities.

Ladbrokes Affiliation Program

You might already know that Ladbrokes is a top number-one bookmaker in the world which serves an immense number of passionate gamblers in several sectors:

Casino Sports Betting Exchange Slots Poker Bingo Lottos

The Ladbrokes affiliation program includes several important benefits for all affiliates, of which lucrative commission plans and exclusive promotions.

What Are Commission Plans?

At Ladbrokes commission plans are affiliates professional plans including general features as well as specific features. Each single commission plan is meant to offer the new affiliate tailored benefits:

Revenue Share: this commission plan earns the affiliate a share of the net revenue generated by their own players over the time CPA: this commission plan gives one-time payment to the affiliate for every depositing player of theirs Hybrid: it’s a combination of the two previous commission plans Sub-Affiliates: a great commission plan for the affiliate who wants to earn 2% of their sub-affiliates net gaming revenue every time they get a new player

Affiliates are totally free to choose their ideal commission plan to which they can freely add one of the available promotions by the time they join Ladbrokes.