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Winning is Magical

GO HAWKS!! Chicago Blackhawks had a big win last night. They were victorious over the Minnesota Wild in game six of the series in overtime. Now they advance to the Western Conference Final. SWEET! Blackhawk fans have high expectations their team will bring home the Stanley Cup, again. It feels soooo good to cheer for a winning team!  Heck, you don’t even need to know anything about the game to watch it on TV. People gather in the neighborhood taverns and sports bars just to be part of the excitement as everyone cheers with delight as another goal is scored.  The big air horn blows from the surround sound speakers throughout the establishment as the crowd jumps up from their seats, slapping high fives with the nearest six or seven people laughing and screaming. Then, they order another round so they’re ready for the next big score.

And then, we have the Chicago Cubs.  True Cubs fans will always bleed blue.  It doesn’t seem to matter to them that their team can never seem to achieve the ultimate golden ring and win the World Series.  It’s been over 100 years.  Why bother even keeping score?  The excitement isn’t there.  People who gather to watch the games aren’t jumping up and down nearly as often.  Every year, the season ends with the same phrase, “we’ll get ‘em next year.”  And every spring they begin the season with, “this is the year the Cubs take it all.”  And, I genuinely hope that one year the Cubs will take it all.  The fans absolutely deserve it.  Not too many fans for other teams will ever be as supportive.  Wrigley Field has amazing attendance numbers. But wouldn’t it be great if they did win?  If the Cubs win, excuse me, when the Cubs win we will see a miracle before our eyes.  There’s so much pent up energy in Cub fans just waiting to be unleashed.  Now, that would be magical!  And you know what?  I’ll be right there with them slapping high fives with everyone next to me.

Everybody loves to win.  Most of us experience wins every day.  Some wins are as typical as getting to work before the boss walks in.  Others are more exceptional.  Some are even life changing.  Have you had any of these?

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“He proposed to me with the most beautiful diamond engagement ring.” (WIN)

“She said, Yes.” (WIN)

“I got a promotion and a raise.” (WIN)

“I got an ‘A’ on my final.” (WIN)

“I won the prize on the silent auction table that I get to collect after I pay for it.” (WIN)

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“I finally closed the deal I’ve been working on for months.” (WIN)

“I sold my house.” (WIN)

“I found the jeweler I trust at Wyatt Austin Jewelers.” (An obvious WIN)

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Did you ever notice that most wins come with a “Woo-hoo” after them, too?  Just reviewing these wins as I write them here make me feel good.  Let’s celebrate all the wins in our lives.  Blackhawks wins, Cubs wins, new diamond, new car, new home, new job, new love, new jewelry, prizes and all the rest. They’re all good!

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