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How To Keep Your “Precious” Safe At Home

We all have that one favorite ring, bracelet, or jewelry item we adore, wear all the time, and would not want to see get lost or stolen no matter what. So how can we protect our valuable jewelry like Gollum was trying to protect his “precious” Ring that could extend his life beyond natural limits? While your most precious ring is not very likely capable to prolong your life indefinitely, you most certainly have your personal reasons why you love it so much. And like anything else you love, you should learn how to keep it safe from the hand of criminals – namely, home burglars or jewelry thieves.

Luckily, you have several options at hand and below you are going to discover a few of the most effective ones.

Buy A Jewelry Safe

It's one of the quickest and handiest aways of keeping all your jewelry safe in one place right inside our house. A sturdy home jewelry safe will offer you almost complete protection for your precious items. There are however some important factors to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your safe so it can continue to work well in your favor.

Avoid storing all of your jewelry items in a single compartment. Buy a safe that features several different compartments as well as racks for your necklaces and grooved jewelry holders so you can prevent your hard gemstones from scratching your softer items.

Plus, this will also help you effectively provide the right storage environment for each piece which should give you more peace of mind. Some items are best kept in humid environments, which is the case for pearls, while others like silver jewelry will need to be stored in dry places. Use small cups of water or damp scarves in the compartments where you will store your moisture-loving items, and buy anti-tarnish cloth for your silver jewelry.

Never leave the safe open; it might sound like a no-brainer but a lot of people do it because the safes are located in dark areas of the house and they normally have trouble seeing the marks on the combination dial for the locking system. There is no real point in using an expensive safe for your valuables if you cannot make the most of its safety features.

Talk to a home locksmith and upgrade the old lock mechanism to an electronic keypad or consider having a biometric lock installed. Biometric locks employ advanced fingerprint recognition technologies in order to verify the identity of the safe owner prior to allowing the door to be opened. Take a look at a few of the prices for the most common residential locksmithing services here and learn how much it would cost you to have new safe locks installed or old ones repaired. While this specific service is not enlisted in the pricing section, you can learn that office safe unlock and repair services have a starting price of $50. Give these licensed and bonded locksmiths a call at (323) 5082592 and find out how much it would cost to have your safe lock issue solved.

Reinforce All Home Locks

If your exterior doors do not already have deadbolt locks installed, you will need to fix things immediately. Hire a nearby home locksmith and have at least commercial grade-1 or 2 locks installed on all of your exterior locks, and consider installing locks on your interior doors as well. A home burglar system and surveillance cameras combined with window locks and bars will also keep you and your jewelry better protected.

As Solid As A Diamond

A lock should be as solid as a diamond but for that you have to pick the best locksmith in town. If you are around the Windy city be sure to give a call to 247chicagolocksmiths and you are guaranteed to receive the best products and services! As good and precious as Wyatt Austin's diamonds. The Jeweler's magnificent pieces are made by genuine professional and are a testimony to true craftsmanship.

Quality Doesn't Have to Be Overpriced

For your car, your house or your office, the company's agents are trained to assist you in every situation and their professionalism and skills will satisfy all clients, no matter what issue they are encountering. 247chicagolocksmiths provides mobile locksmith services throughout the Chicago area. The company doesn't just offer the best locksmith services but also the lowest rates:

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– Car key replacement service (all makes and models) for $25

– Transponder car key duplicate services for $25

– Car key extraction services for $30

– New lock installation services for $60

– CCTV system installations services for $35

– Intercom system installations services for $35

These specialized locksmith rates are extremely competitive so take advantage of their affordable locksmith rates and allow them to handle all of your security problems. This can be done with a simple call to the most trustworthy and professional locksmith company in town. You can also get more information by checking out their website These qualities are also shared by a local jeweler. Wyatt Austin has built its reputation upon the quality of its products and its incredible prices.

Competition, A Drive For Motivation

The competition has become tougher due to an ever-growing number of locksmith companies in the area and while this provides a larger number of options for clients, it also drives 247chicagolocksmith's motivation to do better than other companies and offer cutting-edge services, high quality products and cheap prices. The company believes that better services attracts a wider clientele and enhances word-of-mouth advertising, which means good business.

When choosing an engagement ring, one can get lost in the many options available but a good jeweler will understand the needs and desires of its clients and will know how to answer them. In spite of the huge amount of jewelers, Wyatt Austin has managed to rise above its competitors by offering custom designs, engagement packages, insurance appraisal, jewelry spa, layaway, repairs and personal shoppers, among many other services.

Transparency Is Their N°1 Policy

Most locksmith jobs aren't completely predictable and complications are likely to arise at the site. These complications can lead to more or less significant changes in the amount of labor and type of replacement part needed to get the job done. 247chicagolocksmith's representatives will constantly keep you informed of the latest developments in their work and will put a special emphasis in explaining everything very clearly before doing any additional work. This is another reason why you can trust them and rely on their agents whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation.

With an impeccable work ethic, a very high level of professionalism, unmatched services and competitive prices, 247chicagolocksmith has quickly become the most popular locksmith company in the Chicago area.