It’s holiday season! The time of countless romantic escapades and marriage proposals. If you ask us, this is the perfect time to pop the question. There are plenty of occasions that keep popping up and the jewelry stores are running discounts! Here’s all you need to take care of when planning a holiday proposal:

Create or choose a backdrop. While the whole season forms the perfect backdrop for a proposal, you could take it a step further and pinpoint the exact moment you want to get down on your knee. It could be a romantic picnic or at the Christmas dinner. You may even want to build it all up with a poem or riddle on a greeting card. Get the ring. The holidays are the perfect time for shopping. So you can hop down to the nearest jewelry store and take advantage of the holiday deals. Many stores offer special discounts on engagement rings but you have to be quick or stocks do tend to run out this time of the year. Do you want it to be a surprise? Hey, who wouldn’t? Make sure to keep the engagement ring well hidden before the proposal. Find an obscure and hard to reach location that you know your loved one will never look. Or you could just hide it in plain sight and make it that more exciting. If nothing sounds right to you, just give it to a close friend or family member to safeguard but of course that means you’ll have to let them in on your little secret! Avoid conflicting schedules. Talk about any personal or family schedules coming up during the holidays. You don’t want to prepare for a proposal on the wrong date! Make sure you know of any family birthdays or anniversaries round the corner. Don’t forget to get the size right. Size does matter when it comes to engagement rings! Get the ring size wrong and you’re gonna have to spend hours getting it altered at your jewelers’. Don’t rush this part at all. Take help of her friends or borrow one of her rings for a short, secret trip to the nearest jeweler. They will help you get the size right so you won’t have to worry about it. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid of depending on friends for the minor things. Take your friends’ help to ensure everything is booked and there are no delays in your plan. Ask for their suggestions and make backup plans just in case, especially if you’re going to be traveling.

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