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Statement Piece of Jewelry

A jewelry that lauds a person’s personal taste and style is indeed statement jewelry. It allows one to break out of a monotonous routine and flaunt their unique persona and passions. Statement pieces when worn perfectly, adds an enigmatic aura to one’s personality. Statement jewelry comes in numerous designs from chunky earrings to choker necklaces to cocktail rings, cuff amulets, the list is just unending. To make a statement piece work in your favor all you need to do is to follow the following steps and shine like a diva.

Avoid Overcrowding:

The purpose of statement jewelry is to draw attention to your right asset and enhance the overall look. It is considered classy to wear one statement piece at one time but still if one prefers than a combination of a cocktail ring and chandelier earrings can be made or a person can wear a chunky bracelet and big hoop earrings to complete the look. Make a well-coordinated choice so that your jewelry doesn’t look out of space.

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Same Metal

When opting for more jewelry pieces to complement the statement piece it is necessary to choose the metal same as your statement piece to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Layer with Care

Layered chain necklaces look extremely elegant when worn correctly. One can opt for a diamond or colored gemstone layered necklace with a single colored outfit and make it dazzle. On the other hand, if the dress that you have chosen has some detailing to it then we suggest keeping the sparkle to the minimum and playing with the metal that goes well with the outfit.

Which Metal to Choose?

Yellow gold compliments bright shades, Rose colored metals enhance the beauty of pastel colors, Sterling silver and platinum goes well with almost all colored outfits.

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Essential Guide for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Every couple shares experiences that will remain with them forever. They share their first date, kiss, trip, and home. Among those experiences, there is often the engagement. The moment they decide they want this to last forever. That decision includes looking at diamond engagement rings. Whether they look at bridal diamond rings as a couple or individually, it is essential that they have the right information so they can choose the perfect engagement ring.

The first part of finding the perfect ring is finding the right jewelry store. A fourth-generation family owned jewelry store that offers the largest selection, a price guarantee, and assistance from non-commissioned sales personnel is a great location to find the perfect piece for the perfect day.

Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring

The first thing the couple or individual really needs to understand about diamond jewelry is the 4 C’s. The four C’s refer to the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of a diamond. The cut refers to the way it interacts with the light. The color refers to its hue, from clear to yellow and sometimes chocolate. The more clear the diamond, the better grading it will receive. The clarity refers to the imperfections both inside and outside of the stone. Fewer imperfections receive a higher grading. Finally, the carat weight refers to the size of the diamond. Larger diamonds are less common, therefore they are more expensive.

Diamond engagement rings can be found in many shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Finding a jewelry store that offers a large selection is huge. One that offers collections from such designers as A Jaffe, Kirk Kara, Simon G and Flyer Fit as well as their own signature collection is fantastic. With ring material options such as platinum, rose gold and white gold and diamond shapes such as round, princess, marquis and cushion, it will be easy to find the perfect ring.

Bridal diamond rings are a big investment, one of the biggest that any couple will encounter. When a jewelry store is willing to offer a price match if another ring of the same quality and grading can be found for less elsewhere soon after the purchase, then you know you have chosen the right place.

Bridal engagement rings are a symbol of the love shared between a couple and their commitment to one another. It is important to understand the value of the ring and that the seller stands behind that value. This ring is intended to last forever, just like the couples love.

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A Look at the Most Popular Jewelry Trends of Last Year

2016 has been a mixed bag for all things political but when it comes to jewelry and fashion, ain’t nothing wrong with it! The year was witness to many trends that will shape up the fashion industry for years to come. With that sentiment, here’s a list of what was popular in 2016, courtesy of Jennifer Heebner.

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016: The 5th Annual List of What to Buy, Sell, and Stock in the Year Ahead

Black and white: With a newer jet-black rhodium being used by designers and some decidedly rock-star-chic styles coming out of the Paris Fashion Week shows for spring, this evergreen color combination will live on in Art Deco–inspired jewels, enamel, and silver or white gold with rhodium effects.

Studs and earring jackets: These have shaped up to be a consumer fave! Wearing studs solo offers some versatility, while the addition of jackets builds up another cool look. Easy to understand, studs and earring jackets are available across a wide range of price points.

Chokers and other statement necklaces: These are a holdover from 2015, thanks to their appearance at the Oscars last February and an abundance of spring 2016 styles—think knits to lingerie to lightweight denim—that demand a statement piece around the collar.

Gold layering pieces: The price of gold is luring more artists away from silver and back to the warmer metal. There are some looks—delicate charm bracelets and dainty pendant necklaces—that just translate better in gold, and when prices are more reasonable, who wouldn’t prefer to make a layered statement in a richer metal?

Petite Piece Sign Charm Bracelet

Oversize earrings: These were popular at the Oscars and will help complete many new spring 2016 ensembles, from complicated X-inspired necklines to simple white shirts.

Asymmetry: From mismatched earrings to trails of tiny stones to modern cluster styles, asymmetry is one of jewelry’s coolest trends. Asymmetrical looks appeal to youth through their message of individuality and reflect super-creative uses of minimalist materials.

Isobel ring in 14k yellow gold with 4 ct. Peruvian opal, 0.2 ct. opal, and 0.06 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,487; Katie Diamond Jewelry

Whimsical designs: Think Alison Lou’s cheeky faces, Nora Kogan’s cutesy word jewels, and even rainbow color combinations. Whimsy is here to stay—and will help change consumers’ view of jewelry stores as stodgy and unapproachable.

Fancy cuts: These are particularly evident in the modern cluster styles from designers such as Ilana Ariel and Ruth Tomlinson and are also making for chic entry-level engagement rings from Jennie Kwon, among other artists.

Fancy Cut Diamond Earrings

Ethically sourced materials: Thanks to the patience of artists and individuals who care about everyone in the pipeline, ethically sourced looks will continue to become a priority. Stephen Webster and Chopard are pioneers with their support of Fairmined gold as was Eric Braunwart in the gemstone arena. More designers are getting involved through uses of recycled metals and ethically obtained stones, and jewelry stores can do the same. (For more information, read “Fairmined, Fairtrade, and the Ethical Gold Rush.”)

Stacking rings: These are an easy and cost-effective gift, especially considering the range of cute styles available from design houses such as Wwake, among others. Plus, they are fun to stack and build up bigger statements when couture features cutouts and casual options. 

The color gray: Why gray when Pantone’s colors of the year are with pink and blue (aka Rose Quartz and Serenity)? Because the colors of the year indicate the hues that new clothes will be made in, so jewelers should offer complementary shades for consumers to color-block with their attire. Gray—by way of silver, platinum, white gold, and palladium—will easily coordinate as will gray diamonds and milky stones such as moonstone and labradorite, among others. But gray is just one option—there are lots of other fun colors to suggest.

Feminine silhouettes and motifs: Many spring fashions speak to super-feminine looks such as ruffles and lingerie and motifs such as flowers, so accessories should be equally soft. Think cabochons, a continued use of fringe, deconstructed or blown-out forms (like the plaid trend), bows, tiny charms, and sweetly styled shapes such as half moons.

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Know Your Jewels: Categories

Jewels have been a part of human lives for so long that it’s hard to imagine not enough people know much about jewel types and categories.

Precious jewels are diverse and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, owing to marketability and popular demand, you might not find all designs on display at a jewelry store. The majority of dealers tend to favor designs that are in vogue and sell like hot cakes. With some knowledge about jewel categories, you might be at a better position to ask for styles that suit your personality more than those popular ones.

Jewelry Passion has some interesting information to share regarding jewel categories.

The classic style

This kind of jewels offered in almost all jewelry shops and boutiques are either originals or replicas of designer models. Different materials can be used in their making; usually precious metals and stones, but also Murano glass or Swarovski crystals. These ornaments are easily fitted into any personal style and can be used in formal and casual situations alike.

The ethno style

This is one of the most popular styles in the past few years. The designers in this style have no claims for creating high-art pieces and instead go for different traditional compositions. This is how African, Japanese and Indian elements made their way into fashion. Of course producers try to use materials that correspond with the traditions of the culture they are portraying: glass beads, wood, bone, coconut shells, pearls, plant seeds, etc. The accent falls on the lively compositions. These jewels are suitable for casual wear only.

The natural or eco style

The interest that this style evokes is growing with each passing day, because the number of people who wish to live in harmony with nature is also growing. All eco-style ornaments are made out of 100% natural materials, such as wood, leather, shells, rocks and gems, etc. The ornaments themselves differ in size and ensemble, but being “natural” always draws plenty of attention and positive energy.

The artistic style

Jewels in this category are often non-traditional and this can sometimes be quite charming. These ornaments are highly valued because of the original artistic thought of the author and the exquisite workmanship involved in their creation. The combination of seemingly irreconcilable materials is the key to creating these uniquely beautiful specimens of the jewelry art. The products of this category are not suitable for daily or casual wear, but mostly for fashion reviews or photo-sessions.

The eccentric style

This is a special category of contemporary jewels that blend unusual materials, new technologies and brave designer decisions. They are products of a perfect combination of materials,  fresh, attractive colors and a unique designer approach. They are among the more expensive jewels on the market, but true connoisseurs know that price is not always the leading factor. Such an accessory immediately gives accent and draws attention.

Keep in mind that these categories are vague and there are many different sub-styles within each of them.

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Matching Your Jewelry and Clothes is an Art and We Will Teach You

Here’s the secret – matching your jewelry symmetrically with your outfit gets a little mundane and plastic-y. So there’s a nifty little trick we like to follow to get a perfectly complementing ensemble – match your jewelry to your clothes BUT indirectly. What does that mean? Read on.

Skin Tone

The key to matching your jewelry to your clothes is to match it with your skin tone. Consider all the metals – yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum – and the gems – diamonds, sapphires, emeralds – each item of jewelry exhibits exuberance unique to the materials used. Sadly, not all energies complement everybody but that’s how it is for everybody. You just have to try it all and find what matches you best. Skin tone plays one of the biggest roles in deciding which hues and arrangements complement you the best, and so does the color of your eyes, and your hair.


Where you’re going and what you’re doing has to have an impact on what you wear. It’s not just enough to dress for the occasion, you also need to accessorize in accordance. How this helps in matching your jewelry and clothes is by streamlining the purpose to put them on. Simple and effective.

Custom Design Diamond Wedding Band


Your whole ensemble should accentuate your best features. What this means is that it should draw attention toward your best features and away from the not-so- good and better-left- untouched (everybody has flaws). So if you are struggling to keep the belly fat in check, go for drapes. Similarly if you have a beautiful neck or décolletage that you want to show off, experiment with stacked necklaces and chokers.


Buy jewelry not only because it matches a certain outfit but because it matches several. You should be able to wear each item of jewelry with different outfits and for different occasions. This is where jewelry sets come in. You buy a set of matching jewelry pieces or you make your own collection that matches perfectly. Now you can mix them up and put them on in conjunction with different outfits and you have an ensemble that matches perfectly.

Custom Double Cluster Drop Pendant


Don’t over-accessorize. DO NOT over-accessorize, especially if you want your accessories to match with your outfit. The more things you have to match, the harder it is to match them. Keep a limit on the number of accessories you wear by always trying to remove just one item of jewelry before leaving the house. This might sound counter intuitive but it’s not. If you can without, do without. It will only make it easier to perfect the final look.

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Are You Following the Right Jewelry Trends in 2016?

Jewelry trends keep changing. So to keep up, your wardrobe need to keep changing. Are you changing it fast enough? Whatever you do, don’t miss out on these biggest trends of 2016.

Arm Cuffs

Gold arm cuffs, higher upon your forearm, swift and compelling. Keep it simple and serenely sophisticated with understated gold arm cuffs. Wear multiple arm cuffs to keep it interesting and suave.

Earring Jackets, Ear Cuffs and Studs

Earrings jackets are selling like hotcakes, and we feel ear cuffs will too enjoy tremendous popularity this year. We would even go ahead and call it an ear jewelry revolution, waiting to happen. 2016 has a lot in store for ear jewelry enthusiasts.


Big old hoop earrings have made a ‘comeback’. Somebody or the other has been sporting hoops almost every moment since they were first introduced in the 70s. Whether hoops ever truly went out of vogue is debatable. But their undeniable appeal is not. Watch out for hoops ranging from simple designs to Victorian and tribal-inspired pieces.

Midi Rings

Midi rings have surreptitiously climbed the popularity ladder over recent years and there is no denying that the trend is now here to stay. Meant to be worn above the knuckle, a trend so straightforward, you might wonder why nobody ever thought of it earlier. But to your surprise (and ours), midi rings have existed in one form or another since at least 15 th century. (We saw some portraits of aristocrats wearing rings above their knuckles, which makes sense because commoners would not be able to flaunt rings so inconveniently placed for manual labor).


Chokers have held the attention of the fashion world for a while now, and are expected to do so for few more years to come, as are all unconventional necklace styles. Accentuating into mainstream popularity (with more celebrities hopping on the bandwagon every hour), chokers might not sustain its cool and novel appeal for long. But as long as they do, not much else is going to be the center of attention.


Their obviousness is overcome by their simplicity, ease of customization and edgy appeal. Stacking rings is a trend to look out for, owing simply to the unreserved candidness of it. There are no limits here – stacking could be the most personal fashion statement this year.

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