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Hoop earrings! Ah, well, shall we take a glimpse at their history? Hoop earrings originated substantively among different ancient cultures – there was just something bout wearing big round metal ornaments that appealed to all civilizations. Concurrently, the hoop earrings made quite a ripple in the fashion industry in the ‘70s when they resurfaced as oversized hoop earrings that not only impacted the culture of that era but also set in course the elements that would form today’s fashion culture.

Needless to say, hoop earrings have had one of the biggest impact on our fashion senses in ancient and recent times.

Caitriona Lui thinks that, of all jewelry items, young girls should be encouraged to wear silver hoop earrings. Here is why

There are various earring designs on the market today that one can purchase for a young girl. Silver hoop earrings have over the years become some of the most popular and widely worn. This is due to the fact that there are various benefits that a girl can derive from wearing such. If you are wondering what these benefits are, then move on and learn the reasons why a young girl should wear them.


The primary reason why it would be nice for a young girl to wear these rings is the fact that they are simply lovely. It does not take a jewelry specialist to notice that they are effective in bringing the best out of them. This enables look great at all times, with that perfect pair of silver hoop earrings dangling from her ears.


Some people might be concerned that these earrings may be too heavy for the tender ears of a young girl. Contrary to this belief, they exert close to no weight on the earlobes. This is due to the fact that they are made using light materials that ensure that their weight is kept to a minimum. The wearer, therefore, does not feel uncomfortable or weighed down in any way.


It is also a known fact that these earrings are some of the most varied in terms of designs and structure. It, therefore, means that one has a wide array of options to choose from. You do not have to feel limited by the same kinds of designs as there is always something new that you can choose from to go with whatever clothing they are wearing. The rich variety means that in many ways, you are spoilt for choice. Furthermore, they come in a rich variety of shapes and colors that makes it possible for one to get something appropriate regardless of their tastes or preferences.


One thing that makes such earrings very convenient for young girls is because they are available in forms that can be worn by those whose ears are pierced and also those ones whose ears have not been pierced yet. Therefore, one of the least concerns that you should have is whether to have their lobes pierced or not. You can be able to get your hands on one that can be held on the ears by a simple mechanism yet offering the same lovely effect.


Another thing that makes these types of jewelry very popular is the fact that they can be worn both by girls whose hair is short as well as those who have longer hairs. This is due to the fact that they can be able to style their hairs in such a manner that would leave the pieces of jewelry dangling and exposed at all times. In addition to this, they can be worn by any type of clothing regardless of whether they are casual or formal. This makes them the perfect choice for any ensemble.

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Earrings, Personalities and Face Shapes

A person’s choice in jewelry can say a lot about their personalities. A long as people don’t buy into every other fad and are sincere in their jewelry choices, jewelry can be one of the most effective ways to make a good, honest impression without having to say anything at all.

Earrings are especially important, albeit sometimes underrated. They add a new dimension to the part of you that people notice first – your face.

Therefore, it’s important you learn what works best for you.

                                   Hoop Earrings

First, a little bit about hoop earrings and what they say about your personality, by Alice Newbold from The Telegraph.

If you thought we had reached peak ear piercing, think again. 40-something females are still paying for freshly punched holes to add extra edge to their looks. But while the trend has been the-more-studs-snaking-up-your-ear-the-better, now hoops are the focus. And like the ear parties before them, they are a carefully considered insight into a woman’s personality. Here’s what your hoop persona reveals about you…

The Stacker

Hoop size: A handful of tiny, delicate rings stacked neatly up the ear in all those fresh holes she has had punched in 2016.

Decoded: The aim of the hoop stacker is to ‘look’ nonchalant, as if it were a coincidence that all those rings happen to sit in harmony up the ear. In fact, the metallic circles punctuating her earlobes are not the result of spontaneous piercing, but are a curated project she has long pored over. Her sore ears have suffered for her art this year.

The Investment Buy

Hoop size: Large enough to see the embellishment or quality of the expensive metal.

Decoded: The upmarket hoop fan won’t reserve her hoops for the evening. She’ll use them as luxury exclamation marks on her monochrome day wear. Don’t be fooled, these hoops are a trophy symbol given the same thought as her Gucci Dionysus bag and backless loafers.

The Nineties Throwback

Hoop size: Ginormous!

Decoded: These XXL earrings hark back to the Nineties, when Lily Allen’s hoops and trainers became a bigger taking point than her music. Girls slicked back their hair in high pony tails to let hoops stand out as a punctuation mark with real ’tude, and now they are copying the same formula in 2016.

The Scandi Minimalist

Hoop size: A matching pair of plain hoops worn in the standard piercing hole. The gold or silver circles should be no more than an inch in width.

Decoded: Discreet hoops that laugh in the face of ear parties and larger-than-life styles. The pared-back hoop wearer knows that in five years’ time, her hoops will look timeless. In fact, she might not even take them out until then.

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Hoop earrings have successfully leaped out of the ‘70s back into contemporary fashion, and that’s a good thing.

Another trend that has recently caught our attention is the single earring. As the name suggests, it is the trend of wearing just one earring. However bizarre, this trend is catching on like wildfire in certain circles.

                                       Gemstone Earrings

Kate Finnigan reports for The Telegraph

Throwing Things Off is a thing in fashion right now. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Kate Moss said she likes to wear a skinny scarf with a shirt because ‘it throws it off a bit’.  No violence is involved: it simply means that her shirt will look less expected, a bit more spontaneous, with one of her skinny scarves.

The single-earring trend, which has been evolving for a few seasons now, is another perfect example of how to TTO. Jeweller Delfina Delettrez was one of the original just-the-one-earring trendsetters, alongside Dior and Céline. As a regular loser of odd earrings, it’s been music to my, um, ears. That lonely rose-gold hoop is no longer forlorn and destined for the bin, but an infinitely useful, of-the-moment piece. Should I ever choose to wear a shockingly conventional (gasp) pair of earrings, a stud in the extra piercing on my left lobe is a useful way to TTO.

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Quite interesting, wouldn’t you say! Are you looking to TTO to shake things up a bit this season? Well, we are!

Now – are you wondering just which earring styles look best on you? A good set of earrings should highlight your best features. While some styles might bring out the best in you, some might not make that much of a difference. Knowing which style has the biggest impact on how you want to look is as helpful as deciding which style to wear to a certain occasion.

This excerpt from a post on tries to help you find the best match in earrings.

                        Drop Earrings


If you have a round face shape, it’s circular in nature, with the widest point of your face being the cheeks. A round face doesn’t taper narrowly down to the chin. To balance a round face, longer, dangling earrings look great. Styles to consider include:

An elongated teardrop. Chains with a bauble on the end. A cascade of gemstones. Women with round faces may want to avoid round shapes that echo the face shape.


A narrow face shape is long and not wide. The jaw, cheeks and forehead are all about the same width. To add fullness to a narrow face, choose:

Round shapes, such as pear studs, round diamond studs, gemstone studs, or any “button” style of earring, including pearl clusters and gemstone clusters.

If you like long, dangling earrings, look for styles that have round shapes incorporated into them. Anything that adds a soft, round shape will bring out your cheekbones.



A square face shape is equally long as it is wide — the cheekbones and jawline are the same width. Remember not to wear wide earrings, they will just add to the width of your face. Look for:

Rounder shapes — pearls, button styles and dangling circular forms.

Hoop earrings. Up the drama for evening and wear large hoops — they’re fashionable, glamorous and flattering.

Avoid square or diamond shapes.

                        Square Earrings


Lucky oval! Just as almost any eyeglass style looks good on you, the oval face shape looks great wearing most earring styles. If you want to emphasize your classic looks, consider:

Long, dangling earrings that also have an oval shape.

A long teardrop style.

Wider styles also help to cancel out any notion of narrowness in your face. Add to your jewelry wardrobe often, and experiment with all the earring styles and shapes.



A heart face is narrowest at the chin, getting gradually wider, with the widest area being the forehead. Accentuate this shape with:

Long earrings that feature curving shapes — they’ll accentuate your prominent cheekbones.

Ornate chandelier earrings.

Long teardrops in metal, gemstone or diamond styles — they can soften the look of a pointier chin.


You can recognize a diamond face shape by the prominent cheekbones. The forehead area and the chin are narrower than the center of the face. As with the heart shape, you will accentuate those cheekbones with:

Long, dangling earrings that feature softly curving shapes.

Avoid earrings with a diamond shape — they won’t harmonize as well with your face and might actually overemphasize the widest part of your face.

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Finally, here is a visual guide to finding the perfect earring style for your face shape. But think of these merely as guidelines really – there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t wear a particular set of earrings that you fancy, even if the whole internet says otherwise!

Matching Diamond Earrings

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