Loose Diamonds Are Wise Investment – Few Tips

We all know diamonds are the best investments to make in this every second flickering world but before buying loose diamonds, we are haunted with many questions as to which one to buy, from where to buy, how to check for the authenticity of the diamonds etc. etc. So, here’s a small guide that will help you ease all the questions in your mind, get rid of any misconceptions and help you in investing your hard earned money in the right diamonds.

Types of Loose Diamonds

Round: The most admired shape of diamond that offers flexible use in varied jewelry designs is the magnificent round cut diamond. It offers more brilliance in terms of reflection of light. Also a round shape diamond is a little more expensive when compared with other fancy cut diamonds.

Round Cut Wyatt

Princess: The Princess cut diamond is as unique as its name. The peculiar square cut of this diamond makes it perfect for wedding and engagement rings. The L-W ratio of a conventional princess cut is usually 1.00 to 1.20. Where ‘L-W’ is length to width ratio of a diamond.

Oval: The Oval cut diamonds offer same brilliance as round diamonds only, they are a bit unique in their width is to length ratio. 1.33 To 1.66 L-W ratio of is the most appropriate when looking for conventional oval cut diamonds.

Marquise: A marquise shape diamond gives an illusion of larger diamond in lesser carat. Symmetry of the length and width is of utmost importance in a marquise cut diamond. A conventional marquise diamond should possess an L to W ratio of 1.75 to 2.15.

Pear: Also known as a teardrop or a dew drop diamond, a pear shape diamond has one pointed end and the other end smooth and round. A conventional pear cut diamond has an L-W ratio of 1.40 to 1.75.


Cushion: A square cut diamond with rounded off corners are traditionally called cushion diamonds. Although the cushion diamonds offer lesser brilliance than round cut diamonds never the less they offer more clarity giving it a conventional appeal. A conventional Cushion diamond has a  L-W ratio of 1.0 to 1.05.

Heart shaped: The distinctive shape of heart diamond makes it an absolute symbol of love. A conventional heart diamond has an L-W ratio of 0.90 to 1.05.

Emerald: The diamond with step cuts to enhance its clarity is called an emerald cut diamond. It is usually rectangular in shape giving it a distinctive allure due to the multiple reflection of light. A conventional emerald has an L-W ratio of 1.25 to 1.45.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Bridal Jewelry

The wedding season has already arrived and your wedding bells are about to ring. From your dress to your jewelry, everything has to be in the perfect place. To ensure that you place your hands on the most appropriate jewelry, consider the following things:

  • Fix a budget- It’s obvious that you don’t want to compromise on your jewelry. You only want the best. And to get that, fix a budget. There are different range and varieties of jewelry. With a specific budget in mind, you can avoid mental chaos and choose from only certain ranges. Thus, you get the best, without worrying about pockets.

Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Research in Advance- Instead of dropping into every jewelry store, save time by visiting their online website. Browse through the bridal jewelry collections and get an idea of the varieties and prices. If you have any preferred jewelry store, look up to its website, see the designs and then make a real visit.
  • Go to reputed jewelry store- Local players in the market fall apart by quality and value. When it’s your wedding, always go for the branded ones. You shall get good quality ornaments (Jewelry) at a more valuable price. Good brands also give you trademarked jewelry. Thus, there’s no question of frauds. You get the best bridal jewelry at the best price.

Bridal Engagement Ring

  • Consider Future Use- While you will purchase a jewelry for your wedding, you will of course want to wear it afterwards. Choose some designs that you can wear and easily carry in other occasions. Because, there’s no end to office parties, family functions and other occasions. And you don’t want to sit blank and regret for your wrong choices. Therefore, be smart and choose a jewelry that shall fir your style, forever.

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Engagement Rings: Pick a Classic Style or Create Your Own

There are many styles of engagement rings to choose from. Even if you do not find exactly what you are looking for in your local jeweler, you can choose to design the ring of your dreams. This will certainly be a fun and exciting adventure for you to experience.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

If you and your significant other are dating seriously, then you have probably already brought up the idea of marriage. Most proposals are not completely a surprise because the couple talks about taking their relationship to the next step well before he picks out a ring. Since you have talked about getting married, you may as well talk about what kind of ring she will like to wear. There is nothing wrong with involving her in the process of designing the engagement ring. After all, she is going to be the one who wears it every single day.

You can always go the route of getting a little bit of her input and choosing the diamond engagement ring yourself. You just better hope she is not super picky about the design. If she has had a design idea in her head for a long time, she may not be willing to sacrifice that specific ring.

Essential Guide for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Every couple shares experiences that will remain with them forever. They share their first date, kiss, trip, and home. Among those experiences, there is often the engagement. The moment they decide they want this to last forever. That decision includes looking at diamond engagement rings. Whether they look at bridal diamond rings as a couple or individually, it is essential that they have the right information so they can choose the perfect engagement ring.

The first part of finding the perfect ring is finding the right jewelry store. A fourth-generation family owned jewelry store that offers the largest selection, a price guarantee, and assistance from non-commissioned sales personnel is a great location to find the perfect piece for the perfect day.

Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring

Pear Shape Halo Engagement Ring

The first thing the couple or individual really needs to understand about diamond jewelry is the 4 C’s. The four C’s refer to the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of a diamond. The cut refers to the way it interacts with the light. The color refers to its hue, from clear to yellow and sometimes chocolate. The more clear the diamond, the better grading it will receive. The clarity refers to the imperfections both inside and outside of the stone. Fewer imperfections receive a higher grading. Finally, the carat weight refers to the size of the diamond. Larger diamonds are less common, therefore they are more expensive.

Diamond engagement rings can be found in many shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Finding a jewelry store that offers a large selection is huge. One that offers collections from such designers as A Jaffe, Kirk Kara, Simon G and Flyer Fit as well as their own signature collection is fantastic. With ring material options such as platinum, rose gold and white gold and diamond shapes such as round, princess, marquis and cushion, it will be easy to find the perfect ring.

Bridal diamond rings are a big investment, one of the biggest that any couple will encounter. When a jewelry store is willing to offer a price match if another ring of the same quality and grading can be found for less elsewhere soon after the purchase, then you know you have chosen the right place.

Bridal engagement rings are a symbol of the love shared between a couple and their commitment to one another. It is important to understand the value of the ring and that the seller stands behind that value. This ring is intended to last forever, just like the couples love.

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Where To Get Maximum Payout For Your Diamonds: Wyatt Austin Jewelers

With all the talk about cash for gold and how precious metals are more valuable than ever, I wondered if the same was true for diamonds. I had some leftover jewelry that I wasn’t wearing anymore and didn’t feel like fixing, but I wanted to see if I could sell diamonds as easily as it seems people sell gold. It turns out I could, but I had to do a little more research to make sure I got the most money.

You see, when a jewelry store buys gold or other precious metals, eventually that metal will be melted down and reformed into something new. Diamonds can’t get melted down, meaning that the size and shape they are now is almost certainly what they will always stay. A few out of every hundred may get cut down to smaller pieces, but for the most part, any jewelry store that is going to buy diamonds will take them for the size they are. That is where the value fluctuation comes into play.

Gold Diamond Buying

Gold Diamond Buying

Certified loose diamonds get their values based on a certain number of criteria, but that also only goes as far as size. Meaning if I wanted to sell diamonds that were equal size and shape but had different scores for color, cut and clarity, they would be worth two different amounts. Since larger diamonds are rarer, the price climbs exponentially, and there is no hard and fast rule for what they are worth.

The bottom line is what one jeweler offers may not be the same as another. I had heard that the place to get maximum payoff for your diamonds was at Wyatt Austin Jewelers, but I wanted to be sure so I visited a few other places that offer to buy diamonds. Sure enough, the rumors I heard were right. They were by far the most generous when it came to what they offered, and they even had a program where if you took a store credit instead of the cash (which they offered on the spot), you could earn even more. And I knew I could trust them because you don’t stay in business for over one hundred years by taking advantage of your customers. If I have to sell diamonds in the future, I know exactly where to get maximum payout for my diamonds.

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Tips to Choosing a Loose Diamond for Wedding Rings

If you are putting together your diamond wedding ring from scratch, you might need some direction. After all, while selecting the band and the gemstone or diamond separately allows for more customization in the overall piece, but it can also be trickier work. When it comes to choosing a loose diamond for a wedding ring, there are several things that you should look out for in order to make an informed decision. After all, when you are making a purchase this important, weighing all of your options is vital in ensuring you have made the right decision – both for you and your partner.

The benefits of buying the diamond loose is clear – professional jewelers can more accurately assess the quality according to the 4 C’s of diamonds. Color, cut, clarity and carat weight are more accurately measured when the jewel can be examined from various angles. Once it has been set in a piece of jewelry, your options for assessment are more limited and can actually end up being less accurate. Additionally, because you are only paying for the diamond itself and not the design on the ring band or the metal it is made out of, it can also stand to be much, much cheaper when you are purchasing this way.

diamond wedding band

Diamond Wedding Band

The options for customization are hugely expanded when you choose to purchase certified loose diamonds as well. When it comes to finding the perfect ring to symbolize your union, a premade or generic ring just might not be right for you and your partner. It is because of this that many people turn to buying loose diamonds in the first place. This idea that you have invested more direct attention in the process is not only wonderfully thoughtful, but it enhances the experience of sharing your engagement or wedding rings. Knowing that nothing exists out there quite like the piece you have had a hand in, well, handcrafting? That’s an incomparable pride, and that extra effort on the creative side can really make a huge difference even years down the road, when you are still able to appreciate the beauty, elegance and creative energy of your wedding bands.

Contour Wedding Band

Contour Wedding Band

Buying loose diamonds is not something that most of us have an overabundance of experience in, but that’s okay. Some preliminary research on different ring styles can help point you in the direction of the overall design you are looking to construct, and experienced professional jewelers should be able to help you narrow down exactly what you are looking for an answer your questions. Take advantage of all of your available resources and you will be able to tell when you are staring at the perfect choice for your ring. Knowledge is the ultimate way to dispel any sense of confusion or discomfort you might have with the concept of buying loose diamonds, so arm yourself with research and get to the fun part – shopping! If you do your homework, you should be able to find exactly what it is you are looking for in no time at all. Shopping loose does not have to be inherently more time consuming than buying a premade ring, after all. Good luck on your journey!

Learn the Basics of Loose Diamonds Right Now

Are you familiar with the four C’s affiliated with loose diamonds? If you are planning on buying any sort of diamond jewelry in the future, you should certainly take a minute to educate yourself on the lovely certified loose diamonds your local jeweler has for sale.

Cut- The individual cut of the stone refers to not only its overall shape, but also has everything to do with the facets cut into the stone. These facets are what make the diamond sparkle and should be perfectly symmetrical.

Loose Diamonds Schaumburg IL

GIA Certified Loose Diamonds

Color- Some people think that all white diamonds are the same. Wrong! Most white loose diamonds have traces of brown or yellow inside of them. This may take away from their value, but are not necessarily noticeable to the naked eye.

Clarity- The clarity of a diamond has to do with the number of imperfections in the stone. Since diamonds are formed within the earth, often they get some battle wounds on their way to the earth’s surface. The more damage, the less valuable the stone.

Carat Weight- The carat weight of loose diamonds refers to how much it weighs. With every other C remaining constant, the value of the stone will increase as the carat weight increases.

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How To Buy Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring?


A Surge in Custom Jewelry Sales During the Holidays

Holidays are the season of giving and gifting. Jewelers usually experience big sales during this time of the year. But of late off-the-shelf pieces have been receiving much less attention than personalized custom-designed jewelry.

Mostly engagement rings and wedding bands, people hoard local jewelers with requests for custom jewelry. This is part of the mass deviation from generic diamond jewelry and popular styles.

According to Luke Whittaker, the key for jewelers is to listen to their customers. Read this interesting piece from the Daily Astorian.

The holiday season is an important season for businesses across the spectrum, but the season of giving is particularly important for jewelers big and small.

Engagement Ring

Thirty-three percent of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to WeddingWire, a wedding planning site. That fact, plus Christmas presents, means the period accounts for 36 percent of jewelry store sales, according figures from the Economics & Statistics Administration.

“Twenty-five percent of engagements happen during the holidays, which is significant,” said Holly, co-owner of McHone Jewelers along with her husband Kevin.

“We do 25 percent of our business during the holidays. That’s typical,” she said. Crafting custom jewelry is the focus for the business, located at 1150 Commercial Street in Astoria.

“We’re always busy with custom pieces around the holidays,” she said. The nature of the giving season lends to increased sales.

“Then there’s the sentimental nature of giving something personal,” McHone said. “Jewelry is very popular for that.”

Alternative stones, metals popular

Since opening their doors more than 12 years ago, the family-run jewelry business has witnessed trends in the industry and has built their business around listening to the customer.

“We still predominantly see diamonds for engagements and wedding,” McHone said. “But saphires in any color are becoming more popular. If you want something different, you can go with a sapphire and make it more unique.” A preference for silver has since shifted to varying colors of gold.

Diamond Pendant

“Everybody wanted white gold,” McHone said. “But now they’re going more with yellow gold.” Aside from traditional silver and gold rings, the store started carrying alternative metal pieces about eight years ago with a growing demand for more durable rings. With a hardness twice that of traditional gold and silver, alloys such as titanium have become more popular, particularly for those in more rugged occupations including logging and fishing.

“They’re a great alternative for guys who use their hands a lot,” McHone said. Titanium is also corrosion resistant and more durable for when working in the wet environments that are prevalent in the Pacific Northwest. The store also creates jewelry with local stones and agates.

“A lot of people love that we have Oregon stones,” McHone said.

“We have Oregon sunstone, opal and agates. Keeping it local is very important not only for Oregon customers but also our tourists.”

Designing the perfect piece

The material and shape of a ring is not only influenced by personality, preference and budget, but also profession. A ring designed for the rigors of logging or fishing profession would come with a different set of considerations compared to a piece destined for someone medical field, where wearing gloves necessitates a lower profile.

“A lot of people in the medical field need a lower profile because they’re putting gloves on all the time,” McHone said. The custom jewelry is designed using a computer-aided design and drafting program (CADD).

Diamond Rings

“We can do just about any design you can think of. We design just about everything with CADD program,” McHone said. “And we then mill a wax model or we use our new 3D printer.” The possibilities for custom jewelry creation are nearly limitless, one customer, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, had a ring crafted from a piece of steel he hung off of while in the helicopter. It typically takes four to six weeks from design to construction when it comes to custom jewelry. In-house laser repairs is also available making extensive jewelry repair possible.

“We’ve just always tried to keep evolving and changing with technology within the business, not just designs,” McHone said.

“The most important aspect is listening to the customer, so they get what they want.”

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A Look at the Most Popular Jewelry Trends of Last Year

2016 has been a mixed bag for all things political but when it comes to jewelry and fashion, ain’t nothing wrong with it! The year was witness to many trends that will shape up the fashion industry for years to come. With that sentiment, here’s a list of what was popular in 2016, courtesy of Jennifer Heebner.

12 Jewelry Trends for 2016: The 5th Annual List of What to Buy, Sell, and Stock in the Year Ahead

Black and white: With a newer jet-black rhodium being used by designers and some decidedly rock-star-chic styles coming out of the Paris Fashion Week shows for spring, this evergreen color combination will live on in Art Deco–inspired jewels, enamel, and silver or white gold with rhodium effects.

Studs and earring jackets: These have shaped up to be a consumer fave! Wearing studs solo offers some versatility, while the addition of jackets builds up another cool look. Easy to understand, studs and earring jackets are available across a wide range of price points.

Chokers and other statement necklaces: These are a holdover from 2015, thanks to their appearance at the Oscars last February and an abundance of spring 2016 styles—think knits to lingerie to lightweight denim—that demand a statement piece around the collar.

Gold layering pieces: The price of gold is luring more artists away from silver and back to the warmer metal. There are some looks—delicate charm bracelets and dainty pendant necklaces—that just translate better in gold, and when prices are more reasonable, who wouldn’t prefer to make a layered statement in a richer metal?

Petite Piece Sign Charm Bracelet

Petite Piece Sign Charm Bracelet

Oversize earrings: These were popular at the Oscars and will help complete many new spring 2016 ensembles, from complicated X-inspired necklines to simple white shirts.

Asymmetry: From mismatched earrings to trails of tiny stones to modern cluster styles, asymmetry is one of jewelry’s coolest trends. Asymmetrical looks appeal to youth through their message of individuality and reflect super-creative uses of minimalist materials.

Isobel ring in 14k yellow gold with 4 ct. Peruvian opal, 0.2 ct. opal, and 0.06 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,487; Katie Diamond Jewelry

Whimsical designs: Think Alison Lou’s cheeky faces, Nora Kogan’s cutesy word jewels, and even rainbow color combinations. Whimsy is here to stay—and will help change consumers’ view of jewelry stores as stodgy and unapproachable.

Fancy cuts: These are particularly evident in the modern cluster styles from designers such as Ilana Ariel and Ruth Tomlinson and are also making for chic entry-level engagement rings from Jennie Kwon, among other artists.

Fancy Cut Diamond Earrings

Fancy Cut Diamond Earrings

Ethically sourced materials: Thanks to the patience of artists and individuals who care about everyone in the pipeline, ethically sourced looks will continue to become a priority. Stephen Webster and Chopard are pioneers with their support of Fairmined gold as was Eric Braunwart in the gemstone arena. More designers are getting involved through uses of recycled metals and ethically obtained stones, and jewelry stores can do the same. (For more information, read “Fairmined, Fairtrade, and the Ethical Gold Rush.”)

Stacking rings: These are an easy and cost-effective gift, especially considering the range of cute styles available from design houses such as Wwake, among others. Plus, they are fun to stack and build up bigger statements when couture features cutouts and casual options. 

The color gray: Why gray when Pantone’s colors of the year are with pink and blue (aka Rose Quartz and Serenity)? Because the colors of the year indicate the hues that new clothes will be made in, so jewelers should offer complementary shades for consumers to color-block with their attire. Gray—by way of silver, platinum, white gold, and palladium—will easily coordinate as will gray diamonds and milky stones such as moonstone and labradorite, among others. But gray is just one option—there are lots of other fun colors to suggest.

Feminine silhouettes and motifs: Many spring fashions speak to super-feminine looks such as ruffles and lingerie and motifs such as flowers, so accessories should be equally soft. Think cabochons, a continued use of fringe, deconstructed or blown-out forms (like the plaid trend), bows, tiny charms, and sweetly styled shapes such as half moons.

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